My name is Kelcey, and I'm a 24 year old artist, crafter, and baker, born and raised in Southern California. I grew up in a family full of creative ladies (and dudes!) who taught me that making things is  the best.

I went to college in Oregon, where I fell in and out of love with the rain (sometimes several times a day) and found myself studying digital art, screen printing, photography and art history with some seriously kick ass people. After college I took off to work for Princess Cruises and travel the world (or at least the Caribbean, Canada, New England and the Mediterranean) as an onboard photographer. It was a great (and exhausting) experience, and after a year I came back to California, where I now work as a graphic designer.

I believe in the power of handmade. I think messes are worth making. I know that if I mess up a project, I can always start again. And I hope that eventually, making things that I like can be what I do all the time! 

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